About Us

Did You Treat Yourself Well Today?

Treating yourself and others well makes for good health, good relationships and good business.

Little Star has been helping little treats make a big difference in homes and business since 2008, when our Gift Vouchers began delivering Australian’s most trusted brands at prices that make everyone smile.

We started out helping charities achieve fundraising success with Gift Voucher booklets that everyone loved. Pretty soon, businesses started offering our Gift Vouchers as employee incentives, and gave them out as gifts and prizes that built loyalty. 

That’s when people like you caught on. Now everyone wants to have a booklet of Little Star Gift Vouchers in their car or handbag for treats on the go! And since the only thing better than treating yourself, is treating someone else… our Gift Vouchers now exchange hands as every day gifts between family and friends. 

Little Star are pioneers of prepaid treats. Whether you want to treat yourself, give a little thanks, or do a lot of good, Little Star has got the Gift Vouchers for you.